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It is the most widely known decoration technique and it is used mainly for drinking and food industry, personal care as well as for household tableware collections.

Our company holds 2 automatic silk screen printing lines that print four to six colors. Several types of inks are available including precious metals.


It is used to mark gauge lines and nucleation points.


It is possible to combine above mentioned techniques and create unique items.


Using spray technique, any item can be decorated with a chosen color and easily transformed into a high-end product. We have an extensive range of 100% organic colors that satisfy even the most demanding customer.

This technique offers a variety of options. It is possible to have an item sprayed on bottom, outside and/or inside, bowl, stem and footplate. The types of ink used can be either transparent or opaque, glossy, matt, frosted, pastel, neon and metallic.

All colored products are dishwasher safe.